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Senior Radiographer MRI & CT (Band 7)

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
£43,742 to £50,056 Per annum
Closing date
12 Jul 2024

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Band 7
Contract Type
Full Time
We are absolutely committed to ensuring that our patients have the best possible experience within our department.

This role will be to act as a leader in the radiology department, undertaking responsibility for the smooth and efficient running of the department

As a vetting senior MRI radiographer, while also supporting the CT scanning team. The primary role would be to oversee incoming patient referrals, overcoming safety and logistical challenges. You will join the departments team of advanced practice vetting radiographers to act in the IRMER justifying role. This work will be performed within an established remit and with the support and guidance of the consultant radiologists.

Acting as the key contact for acute workflows during the day, you will liaise with clinical colleagues to establish the correct imaging protocols. Facilitating these scans and prioritising patients to ensure the safest possible diagnostic outcomes.

Confident leadership and support would be provided to junior colleagues. Safe decision making and understanding of escalation process are required.

Clinical scanning will still be a key component of the role, and within the team you would help to provide 7 day MRI service and a 24/7 day CT service to the trusts service users.

MRI is the key component of this role but CT skills are also required. Support and guidance can be provided to ensure this can be performed confidently.

Main duties of the job

To act as a leader in the radiology department undertaking responsibility for the smooth and efficient running of the area that you are working in, always maintaining and displaying the right care behaviours as set out in trust policy.

Main area of responsibility to be scanning and vetting referrals in both MR and CT

To work within the radiographic area of MR and CT scanning and as such be accountable for your own actions and the patient service you provide.

To have an area of senior responsibility such as audit / clinical governance / PACS / equipment servicing etc. within Radiology.

To administer medicines for the purposes of diagnostic Radiology examinations according to Patient Group Directives (PGD) instructions.

To have a role in the training / mentoring of students in MR and CT scanning

To work broadly according to evidence based practice protocols developed within the department for a range of MR and CT examinations.

Undertake active governance of working practice to ensure operating at the highest standards

You will be accountable for own professional actions encouraging and participate in continuous professional development (CPD).

To perform all MR and CT examinations to the highest standard using acquired skills and experience.

To undertake vetting of all MR and CT examinations as a delegated responsibility from the consultant radiologists.

About us


Airedale NHS Foundation Trust CT/MR department consists of 2 CT scanners and 1 MR. All rooms are equipped with high spec scanners.

We currently use a radiology information system (RIS). All images are stored on a trust wide AGFA Enterprise Imaging System (PACS).

We operate under a dual CT & MRI Speciality, this allows for great flexibility of service due to cross team support. As a smaller team that promotes flexible working it allows for a good work life balance. The team is very supportive of each with a good working atmosphere.

A change in organisational structure has lead for an opportunity for growth in the senior team.

Job description

Job responsibilities

Professional and Clinical

To hold the relevant post graduate qualification to enable you to perform all CT and MR examinations to the highest standard using highly specialised skills and experience acquired.
  • To act as a highly skilled specialist in the radiographic area of CT and MR scanning and as such be accountable for your own actions.
  • To be competent to perform IV cannulation on a broad range of patients. To safely administer contrast agents using high pressure injectors.
  • To have a lead role in the training/ mentoring of all staff in Ct & MR scanning (including students training at masters level).

Procedural duties and responsibilities
  • To accept and justify requests for CT/ MR Scanning to ensure the most appropriate examination and scanning procedure is performed.
  • To ensure MR safety and advise for patients, staff and visitor adhering to national and local guidance.
  • To use skills acquired through post graduate CT & MR study and in depth clinical experience to provide a radiographer led CT & MR service to a broad range of patients.
  • To use CT & MR skills acquired to achieve consistently high technical quality images on all patients examined. E.g. oncology, trauma, medical, surgical, paediatric, special needs.
  • You will have a high degree of personal and professional autonomy and have the ability to make clinical judgements and decisions using knowledge, skills and experience. This includes working unsupervised in out of hour situations as a sole lead practitioner to provide a timely and diagnostically appropriate CT & MR study.
  • To plan and prioritise work load and adjust lists for emergency/urgent patients.
  • To use initiative in determining when and how to perform highly complex reconstruction of imaging data outside of routine protocols to optimise the diagnostic information from a complex/unusual study.
  • To discuss highly complex CT & MR examinations with consultants to ensure optimum diagnostic procedure (outcome achieved).
  • To demonstrate flexibility and multi-tasking skills by being able to cope with a high volume workload and multiple interruptions having the ability to focus on your own duties during difficult cases when multiple staff from other departments e.g. HDU or A/E are in attendance and may be extremely distracting.
  • To have the ability to concentrate on complicated scanning lists or injecting/filling automatic injector to ensure no air emboli, for at least a whole session.

You must be able to deal with highly distressing/emotional circumstances e.g. RTAs, child abuse, attempted suicide not only involving the patient but relatives and friends also communicating complex and sensitive information in a manner which is consistent with their level of understanding, culture and background.

You must possess a sensitive and caring approach during frequent work with patients who have a terminal illness, utilising counselling and empathy skills as necessary.

You must have the ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of individuals using reassurance and persuasive skills to gain the co-operation of often unpredictable patients such as paediatrics and the mentally ill who may be aggressive ensuring the safety of patients and staff at all times.

To provide a high quality patient centred CT/MR service being responsible for the assessment and care of the patient throughout the CT/MR examination and demonstrating an awareness of special physical and emotional patient needs. To determine how best to perform the examination and precisely position each patient e.g. ICU/HDU, multi-trauma, oncology and the acutely ill.

To have attended a nationally accredited IV Injection course to ensure: correct analysis of patient risks associated with contrast administration, to perform accurate IV cannulation of patients many of whom have compromised venous access e.g. oncology patients and IV drug users - where a high level of hand/eye co-ordination is required, and detailed documentation of this process.

To safely use the high pressure injector pump including the appropriate selection of flow rate.

There is frequent potential for needle stick injuries so safe working practices must be maintained during IV Cannulation of all patients, including those with MRSA, Hepatitis and HIV+ etc.

To utilise the image link network to transfer images to specialist units to contribute to the ongoing clinical care of the patient.

To record comments/observations regarding the patient which may assist in clinical diagnosis and future patient studies.

To repeatedly transfer patients within Radiology pushing wheelchairs and trolleys as required, frequently performing the safe transfer of often immobile patients onto the scanning couch throughout the whole shift, including patients with spinal injuries.

To be responsible for the safe transit of patient equipment such as drips, drains, catheters, monitors and ventilators, during patient transfer and movement of the scanning couch and to manoeuvre ancillary equipment as necessary for individual scans e.g. headboard, knee support, MR coils etc.

To obtain relevant clinical history and access available literature and advice to allow patients to safely undergo Magnetic Resonance Scanning

In cases of emergency, to be responsible for the safe access to the MR scanning area.

To plan, participate, organise and work as a team

To handle and transfer sensitive and confidential patient information in accordance with data protection and Caldicott guidelines.

To be responsible for correctly creating, maintaining and updating patients Radiology records including hard and soft copy, retrieving and filing patient records.

To ensure provisional reports are securely entered into medical notes for transfer to the wards/A& E.

To ensure accuracy when booking lists of appointments i.e. correct examination protocol, relevant radiologist and clinical staff availability, correct preparation instructions and clinically prioritising as appropriate for efficient patient throughput.

To perform daily QA tests and analyse equipment faults, determining which part/s of a complex network of equipment is/are involved and the consequent impact on the scanning procedure, reporting faults according to departmental protocol.

To liaise with other services e.g. medical physics, equipment engineers, to agree appropriate time to access scanner.

To arrange for the timely transfer of images to the MDT room for the commencement of meetings.

To utilise computer software when developing protocols, documents and preparing reports e.g. audit projects.

To regularly review and manage the local patient image database, deleting files as necessary for efficient performance of the archive and scanner.

To selectively archive and network patient image data to optical disc and PACS.

To provide high standards of patient care in a safe, clean and tidy working environment.

Professional Duties and Responsibilities
  • To be committed to CPD by actively seeking to keep professionally up to date using all training methods available, reflecting on personal practice to identify individual requirements and personal objectives in line with departmental strategy and professional guidance.
  • Assist is specialist clinical training and perform specialist clinical MR training and supervision of student (degree level) radiographers, trainee (masters level) MR clinical specialists, nurses, medical students, and registrars, consistent with their level of understanding, ensuring that training records/assessments are completed as required.
  • To support and motivate all staff and students including the mentoring of new staff.
  • To provide day to day supervision of radiology assistants working within the MR department and work in close liaison with other staff and wards to provide a responsive, efficient and high quality service.
  • To maintain a broad depth of knowledge of CT & MR protocols and practices, and the departmental, Trust and national policies that govern the way in which we work.
  • To review and undertake clinical audit on own/peers working practice/service delivery e.g. IV Cannulation, producing summary reports and presenting to colleagues.
  • To continually evaluate, audit and implement working policies including examination protocols, proposing and contributing to changes in line with evidence based practice, ensuring clinical risks are reduced to a minimum.
  • To update scanning protocols by changing and adapting set parameters which have been programmed into the MR console.
  • To participate in the maintenance and annual review of rules, guidelines and protocols e.g. imaging protocols, local rules.
  • To complete mandatory training to reduce risk to patients and staff within daily working practice.

Other Duties
  • To work with the Modality Leads for CT/MR and assist in the organisation of the CT/MR service.
  • To have the stamina to maintain an effective pace of working throughout the whole shift to enable efficient throughput of patients.
  • To be fit for the continual use of computer screens during scanning lists for at least half a shift utilising VDU aids as provided by the Trust, to minimise personal risk.
  • To work in frequently unpleasant (and occasionally highly unpleasant) working conditions with daily exposure to e.g. body fluids, abscess drainage, foul linen from incontinent patients, and multi-trauma, continually ensuring high standards of patient care.
  • To deal with contaminated equipment following RTAs or e.g. patients with MRSA/ Covid -19

Person Specification



  • HCPC registered
  • BSc Diagnostic radiography
  • Post Graduate qualification in MR


  • Qualification in the requesting and interpretation of intra ocular foreign bodies
  • College of Radiographers accredited IV injection course
  • Post Graduate qualification in CT



  • Knowledge to justify referrals for CT and MRI
  • In-depth understanding of radiation protection as regulated by IRMER and IRR
  • Understanding of the MRI safety legislation set out by MHRA
  • Understand the risks to be able to sign off patient to undergo an MRI scan
  • Able to operate MRI and CT scanner's and adapt protocols where required
  • Know how to safely inject and deal with contrast injections and their associated risks


  • Worked with apps teams to bui
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