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  • Why I Changed Career To Become A Chartered Psychologist

    • 1 Jun 2023

    Dr Kevin Wright is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and a Chartered Scientist explains why he became a psychologist and his career journey.

  • Top Tips For Getting On A Doctorate Programme in Clinical Psychology

    • 12 May 2023

    You need an advanced degree to become a clinical psychologist but getting a place to study on a doctorate programme can be very competitive. Here a trainee clinical psychologist gives eight tips to staying the course.

  • The Complete Guide To Becoming A Psychologist

    • 9 Mar 2023

    Psychology is the study of people – how they think, act, react, interact and why. It is concerned with all aspects of behaviour and thought. Psychologists apply a scientific understanding of the mind and behaviour to solving real life problems that people are experiencing – this could be at an individual level or at a macro level.