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  • Generalist or Specialist: A Career Crossroad For Mental Health Professionals

    • 2 Nov 2023

    At some point mental health professionals must decide whether to be a generalist or a specialist. How do you decide which way to turn?

  • How To Build and Manage Your Career Using Branding

    • 13 Oct 2022

    When we are looking to advance our careers in the mental health sector (or in any sector for that matter) we tend to focus on what I consider short-term tangible ‘inputs’.

  • Top Tips For Preparing Your CV

    • 1 Sep 2022

    Over the past fifteen years I have been involved in the recruitment and selection of hundreds of people from mental health nurses to consultant psychiatrists, student nurses and nurse directors. Most CV’s that I have reviewed over the years from healthcare professionals have been adequate if unspectacular...

  • Top Tips When Applying For Mental Health Jobs

    • 1 Sep 2022

    Landing a job in mental health services is quite different from when I first started working in a mental health hospital in 2007. Then there was fierce competition for newly qualified positions... 

  • Top Tips For Excelling In Job Interviews

    • 1 Sep 2022

    Job interviews remain the most dreaded part of the job seeking process for most candidates. For some it is severe enough to prevent them from even applying for new roles and progressing their careers...

  • Top Career Tips for Black and Ethnic Minority Mental Health Professionals

    • 17 Aug 2022

    Simon Arday heads up teams across two hospitals. He is a rarity. While black and minority ethnic (BAME) staff constitute 22% of all NHS staff they make up only 10% of senior leaders. Here, Simon offers some top tips about how BAME nurses can break through the ceiling.

  • Applying For A Mental Health Job Following A Dismissal Or Sanction

    • 28 Apr 2022

    Finding work after being investigated, dismissed or with any kind of fitness to practice sanction is difficult but not impossible.

  • Applying For Mental Health Jobs When You Are Neurodivergent

    • 28 Apr 2022

    There are many neurodivergent people working in the health sector. In the mental health field, their experiences often make them far more empathetic and understanding with patients which can, in turn, help improve services.

  • Why are assessment centres used for NHS recruitment?

    • 2 Mar 2022

    Assessment centres are increasingly common in the NHS particularly when recruiting nurses. They are also used in cases when there are a large number of applicants – such as for graduate roles, overseas recruitment drives or where there has been a specific recruitment campaign for a type of role. It means employers can make multiple job offers on the same day.

  • The Complete Guide to Becoming a Psychiatrist

    • 10 Feb 2022

    A psychiatrists job is to diagnose and treat mental health conditions in persons of all ages. Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that comprises six specialties – child and adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, general adult psychiatry, medical psychotherapy, old age psychiatry and psychiatry of learning disability. Psychiatry is the fifth largest medical specialty in the UK